First Baptist Church of Borger is all about relationships!  We exist to encourage all people to become relationally focused followers of Jesus Christ; engaging neighbors and nations.
We value:
1. Intentional Relationships - Christ and Others
2. Authentic Worship - Personal and Corporate
3. Life Development - Training and Equipping
4. Missional Lifestyle - Gifted and Fulfilled

We share these values by:
A - Adding individuals to the circle of our daily relationships.
B - Bringing him/her into the circle of our church's influence.
I  - Including him/her in small groups or other clusters of belonging.
D - Developing him/her through accurate and consistent teaching of Biblical truth.
E - Engaging him/her in a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ and establishing him/her as a mature Christ follower.

We believe we succeed when every person has a relationship with:
1. Jesus that is personal and daily
2. One another that is connected and caring
3. The world, engaging neighbors and nations