Family Ministry Church Online Children’s Activities – WEEK 4


Children’s Activity 1: Choose Joy

A Joy That Can’t Be Popped

So you asked Jesus to live in your heart, but what’s next?
Will you be a Christ follower who chooses to live for God daily?  
Will you choose to share God’s joy with the world? 

Watch this weeks video to learn how our joy can be popped by bad things that happen,
but true joy from God cannot be taken away! 

Will you choose joy this week? 


What are some things that give you joy? 

What are some things that take away your joy? 

What can you do to have God’s joy in your life each day?


Children’s Activity 2 – Choose Joy

DIVE Choose Joy

Video Challenge:  What is your favorite song about joy?  

Joy by For King & Country is my favorite because the music video outlines so well that joy is a choice.  

As Christ followers, God has filled us with His joy!  How can we share that joy with others? 

John 17:13 says, “But now I am coming to you, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves.”


Children’s Activity 2 – Choose Joy

DIVE Photo Challenge

Choosing to live in God’s joy by loving, serving, and obeying him is a daily choice we each make.  When we make this choice it doesn’t mean our lives will be perfect or without problems. It does mean that God will never leave us and that He will help us to find joy in all things. 

Remember, God loves you!  He desires to hear from you and walk with you daily through the bad and the good parts of your life. 

Print off this coloring sheet or make a sign that says “Joy”.  Hang it somewhere where you can see it daily and remember the joy that God desires for you. 

Share a picture of your “joy” sign by emailing it to
Dear Parents,

Now is a great time to remind your child that we serve a GREAT and MIGHTY God!  Through our activities this week, we are hoping to encourage a conversation between you and your children about why it is important to make wise choices that keep us safe, while at the same time remembering that we do not have to fear the things of this world because we serve a good and loving God.

If you are on Facebook be sure to join our DIVE program designed to help you disciple your children from home!

Family Ministry Church Online Children’s Activities – WEEK 3
Children’s Activity 1:  Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

With more family time together than normal, you have more opportunity to model faith to your children.  And as Easter approaches, you have a unique chance to spend time leading your child through the Easter Story! 

Join us on our First Kids Facebook page and participate in our Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt as we read through the Easter story or click the images below to participate outside of Facebook.

Children’s Activity 2: Serving Others Family Egg Challenge

Talk to your kids about how Christ came not to be served but to serve others.  He was an example for how we are to live in our family and our world.  Have your kids list the different ways Jesus served those around him.  For example: the story of him feeding the 5,000, how he washed the disciples feet, how he healed the soldier’s ear when Peter bit it off. 

You will need:

Something to put Easter Eggs in (Basket, vase, box) Easter Eggs Paper/Pens

Challenge your family to watch for other family members who are serving.  Every time they catch someone serving , they write what was done on a slip of paper.  That paper goes into a plastic egg and the egg goes into the basket. 

When the basket is filled with plastic eggs, have a family treat (ice-cream, cookies, etc.) and read all the nice things that were written inside the eggs.


Children’s Activity 3: The Lord’s Supper Video

This week our church will be participating in the Lord’s Supper at home for our online Good Friday Celebration. See the First Baptist Church of Borger Facebook page or the church website for more information. 

Being at home gives you such a perfect time to disciple your child in this important act of remembrance.  Take time to talk through the Lord’s Supper with them and let them ask questions.

To help your child better understand what we are celebrating and the importance of The Lord’s Supper, you can have them watch the following video.

Some good questions to discuss with your child are:

Why do we practice The Lord’s Supper?

Who can take The Lord’s Supper?

How should we act during The Lord’s Supper?

Family Ministry Church Online Children’s Activities – WEEK 2

Children’s Activity 1:

We Are Going on an Egg Hunt!

We have been studying the book or Jeremiah and talking about how God can use anyone, no matter how young, to share his love with others! This week we are going to put this to practice. Right now our world looks different. We aren’t in school, sports, or other activities right now. We don’t go and do as much as we used to. And the main people we see are our family. So how are we supposed to share God’s love with others? By telling others about Jesus any way we can! Right now Borger is going on an Egg Hunt and what a great way to share God’s love with others!!

First, color some eggs to put in your window. You can make your own or print some from these links below.  (older kids might enjoy coloring these eggs!)


Then, create a sign that says “He Has Risen!” to hang in the window by your eggs and remind others of the true meaning of Easter. You can create your own sign or print one from this link below.


Children’s Activity 2:

You may be young but God can still use you to share his love with others and change people lives!

Watch the video below to learn how God’s love changes us.

Remember, we may not see as many different people as we used to,

but God has placed some very important people in your life…your family!

Can you help you mom or dad with something around the house?

Help you little brother or sister learn a new game or do an art project?

God has placed you in the best spot for you to show his love to your family!

Answer these questions:

Who is around you?

What can you do to show them God’s love?

Cornstarch Goo Recipe

(Always ask a parent before doing an experiment)

Mix 1 cup warm water with 1 to 1.5 cups cornstarch.

Add food coloring and mix.

*hint- this stuff does dry and vacuum up nicely*

Children’s Activity 3:
Who can you make smile today?
-> Tell a joke
-> Play a game with your family
-> Draw a picture and stick it in the mail
-> Call your grandma

Whatever you do just make someone smile!

Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t share God’s love with others.
Did you know God loves it when we smile?
He loves when we are joyful and we share that joy with others!

We can have joy knowing God is in control!

Remember our verse 2 Corinthians 1:3-4?

God has comforted us so we are to comfort others!

Family Ministry Church Online Children’s Activities – WEEK 1

Children’s Activity 1:

Watch Peace and Carrots on the First Borger Kids FBC YouTube Channel or FB Page

Read 1 Corinthians 6:14 and Isaiah 43:1

                Help your child list words that describe God’s great power.


Children’s Activity 2:

Watch Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White.  This link can be found below or at the link below.


                What decisions did Harry make that were unwise?

                How did those decisions get him into trouble?

When Harry’s family gave him a bath it washed away all his dirt and they were able to recognize him. 
What does God promise to wash away if we love him and ask him to live in our hearts? (Sin!) Just like Harry disobeyed his family and got dirty, sometimes we disobey mom and dad or even God and get into trouble.  But God has promised that if we believe in him, he will forgive us of our sins and make us white as snow, Then we will be a part of his family! This is just like how Harry was washed of his dirt and accepted into his family!

God wants what’s best for us.  He wants us to make wise decisions to keep us safe and healthy. 
We don’t have to be afraid because God has promised to take care of us, but we do have to use wisdom in our choices and work to obey him.


Children’s Activity 3    

Read the book “Going on a Bear Hunt”

Sometimes in life we face hard situations or bad things happen even when we believe in God. 
God never promised us that life here on Earth would be easy but he did promise us that no matter
what we face he will be right there with us. Sometimes God tells us:

“You can’t go over it.

Can’t go under it.

You have to go through it.

But you will never be alone.”


Read Isaiah 41:10 and Galatians 6:2


Go on a Bear hunt around Borger!  Be sure to drive by the church!