Why Our Church

We Are Many Generations living for one God

We are a church that is multiple generations coming together to Love God, to Love each other, and help each other in our walk with Christ as we make and become Disciples. At First Borger you can find something for every age group and person that will help you connect to others and God. That could be a children’s program, youth service, or an adult bible study that is on your level, with activities and worship to help  help you better connect to Christ. This connection could be during an activity such as a Ladies game night, a trip to a gospel concert, disaster relief and missions,  or just Men shooting guns. Together,  each week  we blend the generations and styles of past and present  as we worship the One True God! 

What We Believe

We value God above all else and we desire to value Him even more.  Jesus Christ, the One Who so perfectly revealed God to us, is the most beautiful and precious Person in existence and our hearts are possessed by Him.  We believe every individual must experience a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ in order to spend eternity with God in Heaven.

Our aim and desire is to care deeply about people.  As His highest work of creation, people are extremely important to God.  Therefore, loving people is our priority just as it is God’s priority as revealed in Christ Jesus.  We believe each individual is uniquely created and gifted by God, therefore, our goal is to encourage each person toward the highest achievement of his potential.

Love Others
Our Disaster Relief Team Helping after an area tornado
Make Disciples
Our First Kids are putting together shoe boxes to send for missions.
Love Others
Enjoying some cornhole and hanging out during First Fun Nights.
Love God
Having a time of prayer during our Sunday Worship Service

We believe the Bible is the perfect Word of the living God and it provides us with a guide for all we do, all we believe and all we say.  The Bible is perfect for it is inspired by God Himself and it is the final authority in every issue it communicates.  The Bible is complete truth, and we can trust it for all matters in this life and in eternity. We believe the entirety of the Word of God is the verbal expression of our faith. 

A concise doctrinal expression of our faith is summarized in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 which we embrace and affirm with other like-minded and cooperating churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Our Team

Nick Hernandez

Facilities Superintendent nick@firstborger.com

Tia Speed

Minister to Families with Children tia@firstborger.com

Kara Head

Director of Wee School kara@firstborger.com

Nikki Griffen

Church Administrative Assistant Nikki@firstborger.com

Corbin Hill

Minister to Families with Students corbin@firstborger.com

Tharon Drake

Worship Arts & Media Minister tharon@firstborger.com

Karen Myers

Financial Manager karen@firstborger.com


Bill Terry


Leon Mitchell


Bill Smith


Terry Raines


Joe Janeway

First Baptist Church Deacons


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